Month: July 2017

Incredible photo by: Antonio García Recena.

A Touch Of French

Who doesn't love a bit of "French" in their lives. And especially in interior design I'm a sucker for that Parisian and French style. Because of them decorated walls with moulded shapes. And that glamorous effortless styling that looks so meant to be. When we find a house that has [...]
OROGOLD Cosmetics. 24K Gold.

New Products: OROGOLD Cosmetics

I'm going to test out these new products from our New York trip that I haven't tried out yet. And it's all about the gold, literally 24K gold from OROGOLD! So as you might have figured out these cosmetics are based on gold. I think that is interesting and they [...]
Pink details in today's outfit.

It’s all about the Pink

As you all probably know by now (especially if you checked out my Instagram account) that I love the colour pink. In interior, fashion, decorations, food, design, well everything. So this outfit has it's "pops" of pink in it and I'm really into the Mediterranean-vacation look that you'll see sometime [...]
The turquoise beach: Hauklandstranda in Lofoten.

Turquoise Water in Lofoten

Wait a second. Is this place real? Turquoise, crystal clear water like in Greece, only in Norway? This is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. I have recently been on a vacation to a more northern part of Norway than I'm living in, called Lofoten. You might [...]
9 Glam Nightstands.

9 Glam Nightstands

I'm on the hunt for a couple of glamorous nightstands. And I usually end up on an American website with these incredible gorgeous products! But usually the prices are also a bit high. I have seen a lot of these DIY-mirrored nightstands but it seems like to much of work [...]
The Hamptons, cute house.

The Hamptons Reminisce

I'm sitting here looking at pictures from our trip to New York last year. I love looking at old pictures and especially from our earlier trips. And I haven't really blogged that much about the New York trip at all. So I will probably blog a bit about that and [...]