Month: November 2017

My dream wedding

This is my dream wedding

Hope you like it! This is definitely the style that I truly love so hopefully our wedding will have some of the same vibe to it. I know it will be perfect no matter how it turns out and I can't wait to marry my gorgeous man.
Beige, white and black outfit.

A Classic Cut

The fall time Lately I've been so busy with exciting design assignments and it's a really busy time for me during fall because we travel most of the summer. And then fall becomes more of a work-time-period of the year. And lately I have gotten really cool jobs involving fashion [...]
Pink and Glam inspiration

Pink & Glam Inspiration

In love with a colour Obviously I have a pink and glam Pinterest board! And I have just started that collection of inspiring images because I love everything glam and pink! Not so hard to figure out. But I find that glamorous finishes has something that really appeals to me. [...]