Month: December 2017

Headboard of a lifetime.

Pink is the Answer

Always room for pink Since I'm a sucker for pink I wanted to post a few inspirational pictures of just that. Interior is my number one when it comes to investing money in something. That and handbags... I do love fashion as well but I have a great interest for [...]
Homemade ecologic scrub

Homemade Scrub

DIY made with love I see so much creativity online with people making homemade gift or making their own Christmas wrapping. I saw a post with many cool ideas on how to wrap presents that I want to try next year (since mine is already wrapped). But I can try [...]

Velvet Ring Box

Forever beautiful I have just ordered the cutest velvet ring box for my engagement ring and wedding ring. I will probably buy one more just because they are so pretty! The plan is to get some really nice pictures for the wedding with the rings and boxes in the same [...]
Turquoise and Gold in Versailles

Turquoise and Gold in Versailles

Can we move here? If there could be one place in the entire world I could move into it would definitely be here! The Chateau of Versailles is just so incredible! Seriously the most gorgeous palace I have ever seen. And I must say that I got a bit fanatic [...]