That spring feeling

Today my fiancé and I have traveled down to Copenhagen to attend a wedding. Two very good friends of ours are getting married. And we are so excited to be here for the whole weekend to celebrate them. Already today was the first part of their celebration and we had so much fun meeting everyone. Tomorrow will be the main party and I’m sure that will be so amazing. It is now the end of a very long day since we woke up 5 o’clock and have been sightseeing for some hours. Copenhagen is so beautiful and the temperature here is a bit milder then at home. So the spring feeling is definitely present. We started out the day with checking out the colourful area of Nyhavn. I’ts actually my very first time visiting that part of town and I can’t understand why. I totally fell in love with it! The beautiful coloured houses right next to the canal. That really reminded me of Bergen because of that. (Continues further down…)

Copenhagen has so much to offer so we did have a lot more to our list that we just didn’t have time for. But we are thinking of getting our bikes down here in the summer to ride across this tiny but big in adventures country.

Then we took the boat for a while before we headed off to go closer up to the sky. Because in Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Saviours Church) there is a tower you can walk on the outside of. You get quiet high up and have a fantastic view over the city. Would definitely go there! Also be sure to go inside the church and watch the gorgeous big organ in wood and the rest of the decor. After that we walked trough Christiania a free town where they have their own set of rules. You can read more about that here. Before we needed to get into a taxi and head for the ceremony we walked past Nyhavn again. And then quickly visited the marble church Frederiks kirke. Also worth visiting! And now we are in our room in Koppedal Hotel (more about that later) ready to hit the bed. So good night from us in Denmark.

Photography: by my fiancé and me.