Welcome to the castle

I think everyone that have seen my Insta stories (account here) know that I have had such an amazing time in our friends wedding. We spent the weekend in Copenhagen and celebrated love in the most romantic way. We stayed in a beautiful white castle about an half hour from Copenhagen centrum. The castle had horses, a golf court and deers grassing in the fields at night. If this weekend was a film it would have been a Disney classic. So romantic and I have to say that the interior was so incredible beautiful. I have actually been checking out this castle earlier as an suggestion to our own wedding. I love everything about it so I’m so happy that they found such a stunning venue for they’re wedding. I did take a few pictures from the castle so I hope you like them and if you’re wondering about it, yes this is the perfect place for a wedding! So go check out Kokkedal castle if you’re in  the mood for some glam!

Gilded details, old fashion glamour, classic styling and such a stunning scenery for a wedding. And this wedding felt like a Scandinavian fairytale. A beautiful couple on the inside and outside. We are so happy for them and couldn’t be happier that they found each other.

After spending the weekend celebrating our friends and their love it only felt closer to our wedding as well. I’m not blogging as much as I’d like to and because there is so much to plan. So the time is not reaching far enough for every purpose that I want it too. But we are getting closer to our wedding day. And it’s exactly one month and 28 days until our time today. I have a ton of ideas and finally some of them, or actually many of them are finding its place as we speak. It’s truly a full-time job looking for all the threads to fit in the puzzle but again, we are getting there. And that feels really good.

Photography: me.