Romantic summer vibes

This dress is so soft and romantic. Sweet in both colour and style, and forever timeless. I have had this dress for so many years and I actually love it even more now then when I bought it. A very nice tip is to put aside beloved garments that you hold dear but kinda are bored of wearing. Put it in a box or bag for a couple of seasons and when you pick it up again you’ll be very glad you did. Like I have done with this beauty! I always do that with clothes I love so this dress have been in a box in the top of our cabinet. And now it feels just as nice again. Actually even more as I mentioned earlier.

Trends always come and go and beautiful items will always be just that, beautiful. But for how long? They can last a lifetime and even longer if they are timeless in style! A romantic dress like this one will always be beautiful for me.

This outfit is from Paraty in Brazil. Taken in the hotel we stayed in for a couple of nights before we headed further south again. I used a straw hat and I didn’t know about the heat we would experience that day. But Im very glad I wore that because this was one of the hottest days during our trip. Closer to 40 degrees! And that is quiet a lot for us Norwegians. Party is such an adorable little town with historical buildings truly worth visiting when you are in these areas of Brazil.

I’m wearing:
Dress – Bik Bok. Straw hat – H&M. Sandal – Shoe the bear.

Photography by my fiancé.