Pink and white off-the-shoulder outfit.

Off-the-shoulder in Pink and White

Right now I'm listening to Lana Del Rey, my favourite artist. And her new album is so incredible! Like all of her songs I can listen to them over and over again and just love them more and more. But I'm having a small break from cleaning the apartment and [...]
Exquisite in White

Exquisite in White

I love detailed clothes and these are no exception. Just think of all the exquisite handcraft that had to be put into these dresses. I mean you look like a million bucks in something so delicate. And I'm very lucky because a talented friend of mine are making crafted tops [...]
Pink details in today's outfit.

It’s all about the Pink

As you all probably know by now (especially if you checked out my Instagram account) that I love the colour pink. In interior, fashion, decorations, food, design, well everything. So this outfit has it's "pops" of pink in it and I'm really into the Mediterranean-vacation look that you'll see sometime [...]

Black and White Off-the-Shoulder Inspo

One of the biggest trends these days is of course the off-the-shoulder trend. It comes in all kind of variations and combined with other trends, like the trumpet sleeve. I absolutely love the look of both these trends and I'm sure they're here to stay for a while. The trend has [...]
Wedding Dress Inspiration

Wedding Dress Inspiration

The other day when I was in the city to check out venues for the wedding I also had an appointment at Orchide Dresses. I have already started looking for the perfect wedding dress because you need to be so early on with ordering. They did not have so much [...]
Feminine suit.

Pink in the Street

I love pink! And just look at all of these cool woman that are looking fab in their outfits. Impressed by the beautiful looks they are pulling off here. I get inspired by clothes and fashion. Especially when people are doing something that stands out from the masses. It's no surprise [...]