Headboard of a lifetime.

Pink is the Answer

Always room for pink Since I'm a sucker for pink I wanted to post a few inspirational pictures of just that. Interior is my number one when it comes to investing money in something. That and handbags... I do love fashion as well but I have a great interest for [...]
My dream wedding

This is my dream wedding

Hope you like it! This is definitely the style that I truly love so hopefully our wedding will have some of the same vibe to it. I know it will be perfect no matter how it turns out and I can't wait to marry my gorgeous man.
Pink and Glam inspiration

Pink & Glam Inspiration

In love with a colour Obviously I have a pink and glam Pinterest board! And I have just started that collection of inspiring images because I love everything glam and pink! Not so hard to figure out. But I find that glamorous finishes has something that really appeals to me. [...]
The Perfect Wedding Cake

The Perfect Wedding Cake

I am slowly planning more and more for the wedding but we are still waiting on that final decision on the venue. So because of that I feel that I am holding back a bit. And I must say it is not as easy as I would think. Because I [...]
sugarcane in collaboration with Whispering Angel. Rosé gummies!

The Cutest Rosé

Ok, so this must be the cutest candy for us rosé lovers! It's actually gummies made out of rosé! It is created by the candy makers, sugarfina from New York. In a collaboration with french Chateau d’Esclans and their Whispering Angel Rosé. I bought these when we were in New York and [...]
Beach poster

5 Gray Malin Inspired Posters

I really love photography that has some kind of water, beaches or coastal living inspired look to them. So right now I'm looking for a couple of posters for my home office. And the style that I'm going for is similar like the ones you see below here. These posters [...]