Easter break in the city

Easter break in the city

A relaxed holiday This easter we have decided to not leave town and just relax in this abandoned place. Oslo does really feel like an abandoned place in many holidays but maybe mostly during easter. Everyone takes their car to the mountains to enjoy the sun and the rest of [...]
Green smoothie with kiwi.

Green Kiwi Smoothie

A sting in the buds I love trying out new smoothies and often just add whatever is left in the fridge. And this time I had very delicious kiwi smoothie. The recipe is below and I would recommend you to add some bites of kiwi as topping not only because [...]
Bridesmaids dinner with pink details.

Bridesmaids Dinner

The best girls! This weekend has been very special to me. Because I have chosen six of my best friends to be my bridesmaids for the wedding. And my maid of honor is not living in Oslo but a few hours more south so everyone has not met each other [...]
Pia Tjelta in Costume magazine with a granola breakfast.

Granola Breakfast and Monday

Time for a new week The weekend is over and Oslo Runway is also finished for this time. I had an amazing time checking out the beautiful Norwegian fashion. And I have seen several items I would like to get into my wardrobe. What I really love about going to [...]
Sweet pear salad recipe.

Sweet Oven Baked Pear Salad

As sweet as you Today I have done something that I normally don't do with this blog but figured out was a smart idea. I'm going to make recipes and share with you here. And that is because I really enjoy cooking and making different dishes. I usually end up [...]
Last Christmas decorations.

Christmas Clean

A fresh start On Friday I was forced to clean the Christmas away from our apartment sadly. Since I love Christmas so much and how cosy it makes the apartment it was with bit of sorrow I had to give in. I could have waited a little bit longer... But [...]