Bridesmaids dinner with pink details.

Bridesmaids Dinner

The best girls! This weekend has been very special to me. Because I have chosen six of my best friends to be my bridesmaids for the wedding. And my maid of honor is not living in Oslo but a few hours more south so everyone has not met each other [...]
Pia Tjelta in Costume magazine with a granola breakfast.

Granola Breakfast and Monday

Time for a new week The weekend is over and Oslo Runway is also finished for this time. I had an amazing time checking out the beautiful Norwegian fashion. And I have seen several items I would like to get into my wardrobe. What I really love about going to [...]
Sweet pear salad recipe.

Sweet Oven Baked Pear Salad

As sweet as you Today I have done something that I normally don't do with this blog but figured out was a smart idea. I'm going to make recipes and share with you here. And that is because I really enjoy cooking and making different dishes. I usually end up [...]
Last Christmas decorations.

Christmas Clean

A fresh start On Friday I was forced to clean the Christmas away from our apartment sadly. Since I love Christmas so much and how cosy it makes the apartment it was with bit of sorrow I had to give in. I could have waited a little bit longer... But [...]
The best view in Trysil.

Amazing Trysil

Winter heart Had such a nice time in Trysil as I was showing you in the previous post. I said I was going to post some more images from our trip so here is a few more. Above you can see the amazing sunrise I was talking about. Beyond incredible [...]
Homemade ecologic scrub

Homemade Scrub

DIY made with love I see so much creativity online with people making homemade gift or making their own Christmas wrapping. I saw a post with many cool ideas on how to wrap presents that I want to try next year (since mine is already wrapped). But I can try [...]