The best view in Trysil.

Amazing Trysil

Winter heart Had such a nice time in Trysil as I was showing you in the previous post. I said I was going to post some more images from our trip so here is a few more. Above you can see the amazing sunrise I was talking about. Beyond incredible [...]
Homemade ecologic scrub

Homemade Scrub

DIY made with love I see so much creativity online with people making homemade gift or making their own Christmas wrapping. I saw a post with many cool ideas on how to wrap presents that I want to try next year (since mine is already wrapped). But I can try [...]
Pink Balloons and Time

Pink Balloons and Time

If they could fly forever Have you ever wondered about the difference of time. Especially how we look on to time. Like when we are kids and an hour felt like it was forever. But now it feels like a more of a second. A lot has happened since the [...]
Ramme fjordhotell og den fantastiske hagen.

My Week + A Dream Location

A ROUNDUP FROM THIS WEEK has to begin with Monday when I was trying on bridal dresses. As this was my second time looking at dresses from Orchid dresses (because they just got the second load). I ended up with the dress I already had chosen. It is a gorgeous dress [...]
Blue stripes and gold details

Blue stripes and gold details

This will be my last summer outfit post from Oslo. Fall has taken it's place and it's no longer summer in Oslo. I love that we have four seasons here but I do wish the summers where longer. But I am looking forward to cosy indoor days with candles and [...]
Lone Bru Kjær, wall flower by Monica Pronk.

Not sure what to wear?

Don't know what to wear? What I've found out recently but isn't that shocking is a brilliant way to figure out what to wear. You probably have a couple ideas on what to wear but your not really sure what fits the occasion best. Well a great tip is to [...]