6 hours in Copenhagen

6 hours in Copenhagen

That spring feeling Today my fiancé and I have traveled down to Copenhagen to attend a wedding. Two very good friends of ours are getting married. And we are so excited to be here for the whole weekend to celebrate them. Already today was the first part of their celebration [...]
In the Jungle Bikini Shots

In the Jungle Bikini Shots

Water and soul Oh how I do miss the sunny days in Brazil hanging out on different islands soaking in all the sun. Explore the wilderness and bath in that crystal clear water. One of my fav experiences was beach hopping in Ilha Grande. A beautiful island about two - [...]
Looking over São Paulo from Edifício Itália

Back from Brazil

A journey of a lifetime We are back from an incredible journey. Because Brazil has truly been something! I have so many pictures to share and things to write about so there will be a lot of that ahead on this blog. And with a tight schedule like I have [...]
Brazil here we come!

Brazil Here We Come!

On our way to new advantures! As maybe some of you already have figured out we are going on a new trip. And it's already tomorrow! And this time Øyvind and I will visit South America and exotic Brazil! I'm so excited to visit this beautiful country and experience the [...]
New Year's Eve dinner. Oysters and vinaigrette.

New Year’s Eve in Trysil

A cosy self served hotel This New Year's Eve we decided to celebrate in the mountains and ski the new year in. None of us had been to Trysil before but since it is Norway's biggest ski resort it was about time to check it out. So we drove up [...]
Us in Château de Versailles.

Travel Highlights of 2017

Travel diary I feel truly blessed! This year has been so amazing and the best year so far. We have worked so hard to reach our goals, so 2017 was all about travelling and treat ourselves with a culture boost! And it has been so incredible. We have seen Mayan [...]