A relaxed holiday

This easter we have decided to not leave town and just relax in this abandoned place. Oslo does really feel like an abandoned place in many holidays but maybe mostly during easter. Everyone takes their car to the mountains to enjoy the sun and the rest of the snow for the season. But for us this year we decided to just stay here and relax the most we can and get ready for new agendas. Especially for me since I have finished my assigment as a freelancer with Aller Design doing markeing advertisment. So from Tuesday already Im going to work on a new assigment with DnB in their offices in Bjørvika. So I’m very excited for that and to meet the design team! And I must say that to just relax in the city at home with my wonderful fiancé has been pretty amazing actually. We normally do so much all the time so to just be on our own in our own company has been so nice. For the rest of the evening I’m going to make a lovely dinner for us and then watch Breaking bad (that we are finally checking out). And to do that is just kind of cool. To actually chose to do nothing has been really relaxing me. But to be honest we have also had a few dinner parties here but beside that we have been just relaxing 😉

In our daily life we are so used to going on and on with everything we have planned. And sometimes forget to stop. Just to catch our breaths and continue. And mostly that are the breaks that you actually need the most to preform your best.

Photography: me