I love detailed clothes and these are no exception. Just think of all the exquisite handcraft that had to be put into these dresses. I mean you look like a million bucks in something so delicate. And I’m very lucky because a talented friend of mine are making crafted tops and such. So I have ordered something from her that I’m sure will look amazing. A crochet top that I think will look perfect with high waisted skirts. A white crochet top that is handmade by someone you know. I love that! I mean handmade clothes gives that special feeling. So I can’t wait until it’s ready. And I will definitly show it here on the blog when it’s done.

I also got a beautiful crochet dress from my fiancé when we traveled in Cuba. And it’s so beautiful! I have’nt worne it yet since we have travelled in the more chilly places of Norway this Summer. But on our next trip to the sun I will bring all of beloved new items I haven’t yet used. In the meantime I hope you will feel as inspired as me when you watch the pictures below. Beautiful detailed fashion  perfect for summer.

Pictures borrowed from Pinterest.