Fly like the wind

My first real meeting with extreme sport happend to be the very first place Øyvind Hang glided his first time 15 years ago! In Rio de Janeiro from a moutain top with beautiful view over São Conrado. With the tropical jungle and white sanded beach, hilltops and favelas – there was nothing to say on the view! And I absoluthely loved it! I just wanted to more right away. Seriously so incredible feeling I just smiled the whole time and te instructor was so hilarious. We got some pictures form the ride and here are some of them.

You only live once so make it worth your wild! In other words push your limits because you will be so grateful afterwords. That you have gained a new experience in life and accomplished something you aren’t sure of.

I may not look so pro but I had the most amazing time to see the view and feel the air underneath us. Just incredible and I recommend everyone that goes to Rio de Janeiro to do this experience because it is not scary at all when you are up there. The worst part is deciding if you want to do it because it feels a bit dangerous. But totally worth it!! One of the best experiences ever! I’m pretty sure this was the company we used. And this is the area we landed on, the beach here. And one more thing, remember to have fun!

Photography by: Øyvind and Rio Hang Gliding