Summer inside

It’s so crazy how the days just fly by. Like you have seen on my blog the last weeks I have (desperately) tried to post everything from Brazil that I haven’t had time to. Planning the wedding has taken way more time than I could ever imagine. My best tip would be to get a wedding planner! Because I’m sure that even if you get one planner you would have still have so much to do yourself anyway. I have enjoyed it but it takes a lot of time! So be patient and make decisions early 🙂

Find your inner peace. Breath in the future and breath out the past… I think I’m telling myself that because tomorrow I’m getting married!!!

Right now I have to continue with the last bits of preparations before the big day tomorrow. I still have some few things to do and it feels like the to do list never ends. But today I have decided to keep half of the day (the last part) to total relaxation. If I will keep that promise to myself is another question. Anyway I’m so grateful that I have found my love of my life and going to spend my life with him. And that is the most important thing.

Photography by: Øyvind