A temporary dive

Hotel Itapemar in Ilhabela is one of the nicest hotels I have stayed in with rocking decor, laidback swag and a breakfast including everything deliciouis from international food as well as local disches. They even had kombucha for breakfast! For those of you that don’t know this I got very sick with food poisening during our trip. So we checked in here when we arrived to the beautiful island Ilhabela and stayed for four days in total relaxation. Because at some point I couldent get out of bed. But luckely during our stay in Ilhabela I had already been sick for some days and could soon enjoy the pearl that it is. So we used many hours in the private jaquzzi on the terrace and that was so cosy and romantic. Even though we got a little poisionet visitor, one of the deadliest spiders in Brazil! Beside that our stay was fantastic! So I could highly reccomend this hotel and their welcoming staff that really helps you out if your not feeling to good. For me they felt like an lifesaver.

You can see my white dress on the balcony on the left. This was our room that we enjoyed so much. Having a private jacuzzi on the balcony felt very nice!

The hotel has a private beach, ping pong and a tennis court just to mention a few of their activities. They also have to pools, one on the rooftop and one in the big garden. And the one on the rooftop you can see into thought the first floor. And because this was just on the end of the main seasons it felt like we almost had the place for our self’s.

Photography: Øyvind and me