Island happiness

Back to this tropical paradise, Brazil and its many travel destinations you have to visit. Next up is Ilha Grande, a beautiful island about three hours from Rio de Janeiro. A place without cars and only happiness together with sweet dogs and cats wondering around. The only bad part is that this island is so popular that there are actually a ton of tourists, not what I thought when reading about it. But still it is so incredible beautiful here so it doesn’t matter that much. A smart thing to do is to go around checking out the small city first and then figure out where to stay. We found a really cute spot right next to the beach where we had breakfast on the porch listening to the silent island before people started to wake up. Another tip is to go on beach trips with boats. Actually if you could rent a boat I would definitely do that so you can travel to the beaches when there isn’t to many people there. The food is amazing and people are so friendly. What we did most on Ilha grande was snorkelling and that was truly amazing. We swam next to big turtles and a ton of colourful and interesting fishes. We saw incredible beaches and since there are more than 20 beaches you will actually feel more alone on this island that in  the port area and small city. So even if it feels very crowded there, it’s really not if you and explore this beauty.

Go to the white sanded beaches, turquoise water, lush forests and explore what Ilha Grande has to offer. A must visit spot if you are in the region of Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo (its kinda in the middle).

When you do explore the island be aware of its many colourful (and scary) spiders. Like you see in the picture here with the green one – it was so many of them. Some of them are deadly so be careful and read up or ask the locals on some tips about them. Thinking about this place makes me smile because we experienced so much in the little time we where there. I wish we had better time so we could travel up to the parrot mountain with the guided tours (because of the spiders among other creatures). So theres a few tips for you if you are going to this gem. And remember that we visited Brazil during Carnaval when so many people from around the world go to for the parties and so many locals head to the islands to relax. So do think about what you want to experience and see and I’m so happy that we visited this time to see so much from both “worlds”.

Photography: my fiancé and me.