Water and soul

Oh how I do miss the sunny days in Brazil hanging out on different islands soaking in all the sun. Explore the wilderness and bath in that crystal clear water. One of my fav experiences was beach hopping in Ilha Grande. A beautiful island about two – three hours from Rio de Janeiro. You have to visit this amazing place and experience the many attractions the island has to offer. We used our time mostly on boat rides to the different areas of the island and have romantic dinners in the small city on the shore. The people are so friendly and there is a lot of cute cats and dogs walking around. But also scary spiders lurking around. I will show you in my next post about this island just how scary (and big) they can be. Highly recommend visiting Ilha Grande and stay for a few days. These pictures are from one of our trips to Aventureiro Beach a gorgeous long beach with the famous palm tree and beautiful surroundings.

Oh my god we had so much fun here. I was literally falling down so many times trying to stand on my feet and make it back to the boat in a hurry after the pictures. We didn’t really have bad time. But it made it all into a funny situation. But this small waterfall was so incredible I loved every minute we stayed there.

Photography: my fiancé.