In the Botanical Garden

This was one of my best experiences in Brazil. When we were in Rio de Janeiro we visited two Botanical gardens and this was the biggest one of them, Jardim Botânico or Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. This incredible park was so massive and had a ton of different sections. The park is filled with lush nature, wild animals and the biggest trees you ever seen! We spent the whole day here and even then had more to see before they closed. One of the most special moments in this park was watcing the wildlife. Colourful birds and cockatoos, super cute monkeys, impressive butterflies and astonishing Capybara! The capybara is a mammal native to South America. It is the largest living rodent in the world similar in size to a Saint Bernard. And I’m so amazed by them! We got in so close and they are so so cute! First one of them suddenly appered in the park then another one. And they have just stayed there ever after said one of the workers in the park. And I can understand why!

When we are surrounded by mother earth and all the glory she has given us of nature and wildlife I feel at peace. I am having the best time feeling good inside and exploring the many wonders. And that makes me smile and really enjoy life.

I would recommend to go as early as you can. You can read more about the park here. The park is located with Christ the Redeemer just on the hillside above so you can see the statue from the park as long as there is no fog. The other Botanical park is located like 100 meters from this one and is a bit smaller but definitely worth visiting too. From that one you can follow a hiking path up to Christ the Redeemer.

Photography: Øyvind and me.