A ROUNDUP FROM THIS WEEK has to begin with Monday when I was trying on bridal dresses. As this was my second time looking at dresses from Orchid dresses (because they just got the second load). I ended up with the dress I already had chosen. It is a gorgeous dress and I feel so special in it. So I can’t wait for it to arrive in Oslo. I have also had a family member on visit here most of the week. My cousin (that I don’t see very often) has stayed with us while he was here for a seminar. I have also attended a couple of customers events with my sweet friend Cecilie. I bought a beautiful necklace with a blue topas. I’m planning on wearing it with a lavendel silver dress from Milano for my birthday party next week. We also met a lot of interesting people on our way and ended up eating a delicious dinner at Sumo after the shopping. The rest of the weekend has been very relaxed this time. I went to Vestkanttorget on Frogner and bought a really cute sweater that I adore, and can’t wait to wear. I also got my order from the Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk collaboration that you can see below. And on the end of the week I got a very special phone call! More about that further down. I hope you guys had a wonderful week as well and get to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we have right now.

Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk

Here is a closeup of the Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk cord jacket I got. You can see more images here.

Bik Bok x Elsa Hosk cord outfit

And here you can see the full cord outfit. I love that it’s pink, that it has a beautiful cord fabric and a cool 70’s look to it. 

I found this beautiful wedding picture on Pinterest and it’s exactly my dream style for our wedding! I think the pink roses decorated like this is so glamorous and pretty. Some of the colours we have been thinking about are beige, gold, pink and white. I think that palette would look really good with our theme.

pink wedding

And then the important message…

Ramme fjordhotell og den fantastiske hagen.

Just imagine walking down the aisle in this spectacular venue. I can’t wait to go see it next week!

I feel so lucky! I got a very important phone call on Friday that put me off gard. Ok, so the exciting news is that we have been able to book our wedding ceremony at the amazing park of Ramme Fjordhotell. This is my dream location for the ceremony. And the hotel has been closed for over four years for renovations and are not really accepting weddings before 2019. But because of a good friends help we have now been so lucky to actually use the park and gardens! I feel like I’m on a cloud so happy am I. Because the park looks like a fairytail and not very typical Norwegian. It remedies more of an Italian mansion that has somehow ended up in Norway. And it’s so perfect since Øyvind proposed in Italy.