Island hippie

I’m really digging this outfit actually. Getting this Fear and Loathing vibes combined with boho chic in a way…. Kinda funny. I was in a very good place when we took these pictures. After being sick for almost a week I felt much better and up for getting out of the room. And nothing brings up your mood better than a colourful and fun outfit. Our stay at Itapemer hotel in Ilhabela felt like a lifesaver at that time and made my experience with food poisoning abroad as good as it can get. So I’m really grateful for that. Really missing Brazil and our trip. Especially now as I’m blogging about everything I haven’t had time or been in shape to. So stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way. For now I can only enjoy that spring is finally here in Oslo. I can’t wait until its summer here and I can start wearing clothes like this again. I love winter but I also really love summer. Details of the outfit further down.

Wear what you want. Do what you want. And live how you want to. Life is too short to not do what you truly want. So live life and have fun.

I’m wearing:
Top – From Brazil. Shorts – Carmar. Sandals – Zara. Bag – Blue Pearl. Sunglasses – NA-KD. Earrings – from the market in Cuba.

Photography by my fiancé.