Going back in time

Paraty is a beautiful old colonial ton located on the coastline of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. If you are visiting this area I would recommend spending a night or two here. Just wandering around looking at the beautiful architecture and especially the old part of town that is closed for cars. You can find interesting museums, old wood making shops with authentic design, good restaurants and kind people. You can also find luxury hotels with big lush gardens and pools. We did not have as much time as we would preferred so we only stayed here one night. But the bad part is even if I have just written about the good restaurants is that this is actually the place I got food poisoned! And imagine that it would just happen to be in the most expensive restaurant we had eaten in during our whole trip. So that was pretty bad. But enough of that because the old town is one of the nicest places we visited in our Brazil trip.

Walk in the old town among the colourful buildings going so long back in time you can actually feel the history walking around. I love that feeling!

Walk down by the docs and see tons of beautiful boats in the most pretty colour combinations. Such a cool sight to just walk down there and watch them all together. We sadly didn’t have enough time to go for a ride, but if we had more time I would love to go! There was sentiently enough boats! Oh well, but just looking at them was nice too. If are down there ans look very close in the sand you will see tiny crabs waving their big claw over and over again. So cute!

Photography: me.