The best day of my life

I wanted to share a few more pictures before we go to our honeymoon. And they are taken from our beautiful wedding ceremony in Botanisk Hage. An absolutely stunning day filled with smiles and joy all over. I feel like we were glowing of happiness. Literally the best day of my life! Therefore I needed to upload a few pictures really quick before my blog gets filled up with Bali stuff.  Everyone looked amazing also by the way! My incredible good looking husband, my beautiful bridesmaids and all the guests. I will of course share lots more when we get the pictures from the photographer but in the meantime I think these ones tells the story. Really captured the moment, so thank you for that too! I know we will be together forever and our wedding was a celebration of love that we will carry on with us. I also want to thank everyone that celebrated this day with us in the wedding and in spirit, thank you for making this day so special.

Photography by: my mom and Maja.