Cala Jade AW18 in The Vigeland Museum.

Oslo Runway / Cala Jade AW18

Oslo Runway Day 2 In the afternoon yesterday it was time for another interesting showcase and venue. Because Cala Jade that designs handbags where about to show their AW18 collection in The Vigeland Museum. Cala Jade is a brand devoted to the world of sophisticated, handcrafted leather bags and accessories, [...]
Veronica B. Valences AW18 in the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

Oslo Runway / Veronica B. Vallenes AW18

Oslo Runway Day 2 Oslo Runway is so much fun and Im having such a nice time checking out the new collections. Yesterday was no exception and my day started out with Veronica B. Vallenes AW18. The venue was the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. When we arrived [...]
IBEN AW18 at Oslo Runway

Oslo Runway / IBEN AW18

Oslo Runway Day One The official Fashion Week has started here in Oslo with Oslo Runway. And yesterday was the first day with runway shows. I saw some really cool collections from IBEN (pictures in this post), Line of Oslo and Tom Wood. All of them was super cool in [...]
Sweet pear salad recipe.

Sweet Oven Baked Pear Salad

As sweet as you Today I have done something that I normally don't do with this blog but figured out was a smart idea. I'm going to make recipes and share with you here. And that is because I really enjoy cooking and making different dishes. I usually end up [...]
Last Christmas decorations.

Christmas Clean

A fresh start On Friday I was forced to clean the Christmas away from our apartment sadly. Since I love Christmas so much and how cosy it makes the apartment it was with bit of sorrow I had to give in. I could have waited a little bit longer... But [...]
Yellow and blue denim outfit in Oslo.

Yellow and Blue Denim Outfit

A city in motion Oslo is the fastest growing city in Europe these days and has been so for a while now. You can see that pretty clearly with new areas growing fast in Bjørvika. If you check the link you can see that it's really happening stuff... quickly. And I [...]