One of the many gardens of Versailles Castle.The garden of Versailles Castle.

Yellow in Versailles

I'm so into off-shoulder-tops, cold shoulder tops or what you want to call them. Like all of the variations that shows the shoulders is so trendy. But for me since I have fallen in love with this trend I'm sure it's a stayer! And this outfit with the yellow off-the-shoulder [...]
sugarcane in collaboration with Whispering Angel. Rosé gummies!

The Cutest Rosé

Ok, so this must be the cutest candy for us rosé lovers! It's actually gummies made out of rosé! It is created by the candy makers, sugarfina from New York. In a collaboration with french Chateau d’Esclans and their Whispering Angel Rosé. I bought these when we were in New York and [...]
Last days of summer in Oslo. Here on the sailboat in the fjord.

Last Days of Summer

It is the last days of summer here in Oslo. With perfect blue sky, sun the whole day and a summerfeeling we have been on the sailboat enjoying our selves. We have been eating shrimp sandwitches and watcing the pretty fjord with even people taking a swim. #perfectday
One of the many gardens of Versailles Castle.The garden of Versailles Castle.

The Gardens in the Palace of Versailles

I have so many pictures from my dream castle just outside of Paris. And I'm of course talking about the Palace of Versailles! This is literally the most palace I've ever seen. Everywhere you look at the castle you will see that it's covered in gold. It also has extremely [...]
French charm at its best.

The Red Thread in Paris

Here are some random shots from when strolling in the streets. Romance in every street corner, architecture and dessert. So typical Paris, and so typical delightful.
Rue Crémieux, the colourful street of Paris.

The colours of Rue Crémieux

We are in beautiful Paris and already today on our first day we have manage to do so much! Our day startet in Rue Crémieux. That is one of the most colourful streets in Paris. As you see in the pictures, it is filled with cute and joyful colours on [...]