In love with a colour

Obviously I have a pink and glam Pinterest board! And I have just started that collection of inspiring images because I love everything glam and pink! Not so hard to figure out. But I find that glamorous finishes has something that really appeals to me. And I have kinda fallen in love with that style completely for the last part of my life. I have been so in love with the fuchsia pink, buddha, elephants and indian style earlier. I used a lot incense and a played around with colourful design in all shapes and forms in my first part of my life. That has kinda been my biggest style before. But as I have gotten older it has shifted into a more 1700-1800’s style combined with Hollywood Glam. So I’m inspired by Parisian architecture and wall mouldings together with everything gilded. Combined with American interior design and placement of furniture as well as shiny metal (especially with gold finishes). And all of that with an infusion of pink! I can see that this style is in everything that I love. From clothing, bags, interior, pictures, architecture, books, food, drinks and desserts. It’s all a beautiful combination of all this. And I think life is too short to not surrender yourself around the things you love. No matter what style you like.

The feeling I get from these images is like being in love with a colour.  It is happiness, playfulness and a charm in itself. Let’s celebrate the things we love.

These bags are so pretty and gorgeous looking! I have my eye on a new stunning designer bag that hopefully will be mine very soon. It is actually one of the bags you see underneath here!

All pictures are from Pinterest here.