Blush pink details.

Always room for pink

Since I’m a sucker for pink I wanted to post a few inspirational pictures of just that. Interior is my number one when it comes to investing money in something. That and handbags… I do love fashion as well but I have a great interest for designing our home. I think it must be especially from the last years since I have found my dream partner in life. And while we are waiting for our dream house I’m thinking about interior and all the ways we can decorate. We do actually have quite the same taste when it comes to style. But over to these pictures! They all have something special to them I think. Not only the pink, but the comprehensive finish.

So pretty cabinet.
Pink pillow.
Blush pink details.

My favourite combination of colours these days are definitely white, gold and pink. So glamorous and modern at the same time. Above is some good examples of that.

Perfect pink curtain.

When we are moving I want to have a headboard like the one below or something as beautiful as that one. When I saw this picture on Pinterest the first time I just gasped. It was just so pretty! I have also checked out a few videos on how to make them yourself. But I’m not sure if I’m going to do that. If I have time enough it would be really cool since you can decide exactly how you want it. And they can be a bit pricy if you want some of the most fancy ones. That time that sorrow (don’t know if that is a saying in English but..). Anyway enjoy these gorgeous pictures and get inspired!

The perfect pink bed!
Pictures form Pinterest. More amazing interior on my board here!