Going down in colours

Here are the pictures form the beautiful purple and yellow sunset we were lucky enough to see just when we arrived at Barra da Tijuca with our rental car. We literally just got out of the car and ran down to the beach, enjoyed its beauty and then also had time for a few pictures. The beaches in Barra are so long and not too crowdy especially not so late as we arrived.

What inspires my most about this bedroom is a number of things as I have been writing. And do notice the beautiful table lamps on the night stand dressers. And the gorgeous little stool with gilded details by the mirror. It is details like these that makes the room stand out.

Another thing about these images is that they changed my mind about something. I totally fell in love with the gorgeous Gucci bag on the gilded stool. I was supposed to buy the pale pink Gucci Marmont. Because I wanted to give it to myself as a birthday present. And for working so hard lately in my career and design job. But after seeing how stunning this one looked, it kinda just changed my mind. Not mainly because of these pictures  though, but because the pink one looked a bit more greyish than I wanted it to be when I was in the shop. So now I’m waiting for this one hit the store here in Oslo. And I can’t wait.

Photography by Lindsay Salazar / via Style Me Pretty