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Jardim Botânico in Rio de Janeiro

Jardim Botânico in Rio de Janeiro

In the Botanical Garden This was one of my best experiences in Brazil. When we were in Rio de Janeiro we visited two Botanical gardens and this was the biggest one of them, Jardim Botânico or Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. This incredible park was so massive and had a [...]
Ilha Grande Paradise

Ilha Grande Paradise

Island happiness Back to this tropical paradise, Brazil and its many travel destinations you have to visit. Next up is Ilha Grande, a beautiful island about three hours from Rio de Janeiro. A place without cars and only happiness together with sweet dogs and cats wondering around. The only bad [...]
Us in Château de Versailles.

Travel Highlights of 2017

Travel diary I feel truly blessed! This year has been so amazing and the best year so far. We have worked so hard to reach our goals, so 2017 was all about travelling and treat ourselves with a culture boost! And it has been so incredible. We have seen Mayan [...]
The turquoise beach: Hauklandstranda in Lofoten.

Turquoise Water in Lofoten

Wait a second. Is this place real? Turquoise, crystal clear water like in Greece, only in Norway? This is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. I have recently been on a vacation to a more northern part of Norway than I'm living in, called Lofoten. You might [...]
Visiting Cannes, France.

The French Riviera

Here's some more pictures from the fabulous French Riviera and the magical places I visited. Juan les Pins, Antibes and of course Cannes, are places I highly recommending to visit especially during the film festival. The atmosphere is so glamorous and everything is so beautiful, the weather, the people and [...]