Another world

And it does feel like that. You can imagine coming from a country with a population of just above 5 million people. And going to the biggest city you ever seen, with skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. It does seem a bit strange that you can’t see anything else but tall buildings that far, and still you dont see the end. And when you are being told that there lives over 20 million in São Paulo alone, wow you can image what the population in total can be in Brazil. Just incredible! You have to go one of the few good viewpoints (that we found at least) to see the city view. One of the are Banespa and the other one are Terraço Itália.Terraço Itália is a restaurant but you can go there just for the view. We went there our last day in São Paulo and sadly the kitchen did not open before we had to go and take the plane. But we did experience the incredible view!

Imagine being in a big city, a city that feels like the greatest in the world. You haven’t seen anything like it. And when you see the actual view from above, you get amazed in a even bigger way.

We were pretty tired after travelling around in Brazil for three weeks. But being on the top here and watching the city from above was the best end to our beautiful vacation. So do get up there if you are visiting São Paulo, you won’t regret it!

Photography by my fiancé.