Back on the sea

Today we had our first trip with the sailboat this year. It has been a beautiful and sunny day in Oslo so we started the day with testing out our drone. We were suppose to use it a lot more in Brazil but we haven’t had any time to practice. So now we are going to do that as much as we can before the honeymoon. After hanging out in Ingerstrand for a while we headed home and packed our stuff for our first trips this year with the boat. And it was so nice to be back out on the sea again. We took the boat out in the Oslo fjord and anchored for some biscuits and reading travelling magazines. Because to be house we haven’t even booked our honeymoon yet. So we are trying to figure out exactly where we want to go.

The best “medicine” for me these days to really get unplugged is just that… to unplug. Get away from any screens like pc/mac, telephone and television. Just to be away from all everyday-devices that demand so much of your attention is really renewing.

You get totally relaxed sailing and just being so close to the sea. I really needed that time of being logged off – away from my mac and phone. Just snuggling with my love reading about different continents of the world. I do think that Seychelles sound very beautiful and probably more interesting that the Maldives in terms of the size of the area. I could be wrong but I am definitely looking more into that in the next days. And hopefully there will good weather again this week so we can get out there again asap and enjoy the life on the sea.

Photography by my fiancé and me.