Relax by the pool

We are really enjoying our time here in Bali. So much that I havent really manageed to get any posts out. I have on the other hand managed to get some pictures out on my Instagram account, so do check that out here. Hopefully you want to follow me there if you arent alredy because I am posting so much stuff as we go along on our honeymoon because there is soooo much to see and do here. I absolutey LOVE Bali! So in my stories and Instagram highlight: Honeymoon – you will find a ton of stuff. Right now I’m going to pack my suitcase as we will be going back to Bali from Gili Meno. I havw so much to share here on the blog so I will have a lot to show you in the upcoming weeks. I have taken as usual extremely many pictures and we have reallyexplored so much here. Bali is actually now on my top three wordl travels. Just next to my all time favorite – Mexico, Bali is now just up there. So well catch up later. If not while were here the last week but definetly when were back in Oslo.

Being together with the one you love on a journey that will make you both in an explorer mode, will give you inner peace. Because you will discover new adventures not only in yourself but in the word. Play and be with peace together.

Loving my Très Bien bathing suit together with my new Soludos slippers that has that ultra beach-cool look.

Photography by: me.