The perfect view

Our trip to Brazil has truly been amazing! And one of my best tips when it comes to hiking is to visit the Two Brothers Mountain named Morro Dois Irmãos in Portuguese. This spectacular place has the best view over Rio de Janeiro and the trip itself is really fabulous. If you are driving I recommend parking your car somewhere close to Vidigal favela. Because its on the top of the favela the hike starts. We parked our car in the parking hall of Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort that is a 5 min walk from the favela. It’s not so expensive to park there and because of the parking area is guarded you’ll be sure that everything is still there when you come back. Vidigal favela lays on the side of the mountain and is very steep from the very beginning of the main road. You will se a lot of moped taxies that will drive you til the top of the favela where the forest begins and the hiking trail starts as well. I do recommend to walk the whole way if you don’t have any problems walking for about an hour. You will get a close look into the favela and the people living there. Visiting Morro Dois Irmãos is very popular so there will be many tourists there that probably makes it quiet safe.

Along the way you will probably run into some monkeys that are hunting after treats and hanging around in the trees. I’m a major animal lover so meeting these creatures in the wild was so special to me.

On the top of the mountain you can buy something to drink or have some lovely cups of acai. We had a few of those and talked a lot with the seller that was so friendly and cool. He even has a Instagram account you can check out here if you want. Anyway the acai cups are highly recommended but maybe after you have fought your breath again! When we walked up it was very warm so it does get a bit hot! But when you see the view you forget all about that. I think this is actually the best view I have seen in Brazil and we have see many stunning vies. But if you want to make time for at least one hike in Rio, this is the one. For more info you can check out this page. You don’t need a guide and its very easy to get there.

Photography by Øyvind and me.