Exploring the city

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city that has everything from breathtaking nature and white beaches to friendly people and lots of life! We visited Rio to experience the fantastic Carnaval in the Sambadrome. That was such an incredible experience in itself and will come out in a separate blog post very soon. I have like a ton of pictures to go trough! In the meantime I post a few pictures from the city and where we have been along with some tips.

Rio de Janeiro has so much to offer in both beauty and experiences. This was my first time here and there is so much to see. I have to come back and explore some more. It is truly a magical place!

My top list over things to do and visit in Rio de Janiero:

Santa Teresa Take the old yellow trams (highly recommended) all the way up from Centro. Use good time here walking around the different areas, enjoy the view and also get some food from one of the small restaurants.
Parque das Ruínas In the same area of Santa Teresa is a beautiful viewpoint I highly recommend if you are in the area. Located on the top of the ruins of an old building is one of the best views we saw in Rio de Janeiro.
Two Brothers Mountain (Morro Dois Irmaos) – Not far from Leblon and through Vidigal favela you will find the best view over Rio de Janeiro. Also the hike in itself is so much fun and highly recommended! Read more about our hike here.  
Parque Lage – Visit the old building located in the middle of the park and have a look up to Corcovado. And be sure to check out the small caves.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden Be sure to have plenty of time here because there is so much to see (separate post coming soon). Check out the incredible plants, flowers, bee hives, animals that visit the park, small waterfalls and be amazed!
Sugarloaf Mountain – Go there during the afternoon and stay for the sunset. Then see the city filled with lights in the dark hours. I would recommend to spend some time here and enjoy the 360 degrees´ view from the many viewpoints.
Christ the RedeemerGo as early as you can and try to avoid the fog. If it is foggy, you may try to wait for it to go. It comes and goes frequently.
Largo do Boticário Not far from Christ the Redeemer is (Apothecary’s Square) a famous square in the Cosme Velho neighbourhood. Watch the beautiful buildings and if you are lucky you may be allowed in to have a look in the backyard. 

CopacabanaGo here to eat some seafood at the beach restaurants and watch the beach life.
Leblon – Good for shopping, eating and to check out the beaches around the area.
Mirante do Leblon – Wonderful viewpoint over the Leblon and Ipanema beaches.  
Escadaria Selarón – The colourful steps are also worth visiting.

Photography by me and my fiancé.