Blue is a part of life

When I was younger blue and green was my favourite colours. Like most kids those colours are true to nature and feels nice and safe. Colours that humans connect with since we connect with nature. Over the years I had a lot of different styles and I have really tried them all out from room to room in our old house. Everything from tearing down cabinets, painting over the wallpaper and re-decorating every second week. Now I am a bit older than what I was at that time but interior and decorating is still something that I hold dear. The possibility to make a space something that feels personal and pretty at the same time is a really a good feeling. That your “nest” is getting somewhere and closer to the person you have become.

This post got all the sudden very “thoughtful”, maybe because of the wine glass… But anyway, I wanted to share with you some of my fav styles right now. And blue details like the ones above is like before, something I connect with. If you like this type of style you can check out my Pinterest board here filled with interior inspiration.