The jewel box

If you are in New York now or during the following days (until the 11th). I would recommend you to stop by Bergdorf Goodman. Not only because that is a totally must anyway, but especially now that Chanel has it’s fine jewellery space on the 7th floor. Decorated as an Parisian 1800’s apartment the decor and jewellery looks incredible. I fell in love with the interior as much (or even more) as the jewellery. I really loved the table with the gold inside, so clever! You could imagine that Coco Chanel would have lived in this kind of apartment if she was with us today. I think it’s every girls dream to wear something as beautiful as these glittery elements. But since they are exclusive jewellery, the prices are too. So sadly no jewellery for me now but I stick with the nice experience of viewing the Chanel set up.