Pia Tjelta in Costume magazine with a granola breakfast.

Time for a new week

The weekend is over and Oslo Runway is also finished for this time. I had an amazing time checking out the beautiful Norwegian fashion. And I have seen several items I would like to get into my wardrobe. What I really love about going to runway shows like these is that it opens your eyes for more brands than you usally shop from. I have recently started buying from a Norwegian brand that I haven’t bought anything from before. And I didn’t go to that last runway show last season either (I was in France). But I saw a beautiful image from the show and then I just knew I had to get that item. And now I love that brand. So it is a good thing that Oslo finally has a good platform for designers to showcase their new collections. I think Oslo Runway is the best thing that has happened to the fashion scene in Oslo in many years.

Photography by me.