Glossy lifestyle!

I’m pretty sure we all like that glam lifestyle or at least think it looks good. Because it definitely looks very glossy and posh. So we want to experience that for our selfs. I was not that much of a “glam” person when I was younger. Instead I was very sporty, on purpose used a bit crazy clothes and liked to be a though girl. I think we all go through different styles in our lives. I knew that I always liked interior design. Because I usually got my way around to change the rooms in our house by redecorating them all the time, often without thinking that much about the consequences. Like after tearing down a built in closet or painting over the wallpapers. It wasn’t always the smartest thing to do.

But even in interior design you will probably change style a few times. Or maybe you always have liked the style you are about to embrace next. Either way I think it’s important to for fill the way you are headed so you can learn and expand. For me now I love everything gold, glamorous and with a touch of Parisian when it comes to interior. Also for design and clothing this look and lifestyle seems very beautiful for me. But I am still the same down to earth girl I used to be. I have just changed my visual guidance.

Images borrowed from Pinterest.
And you can find shopping inspo for the glam lifestyle here.