A never ending journey

I have no words for this amazing trip to Mexico! All the incredible places we have been and spectacular nature we have seen. I have never experienced such a diverse country and we just visited a small part of it!

What is really special with the Yucátan and Quintana Roo areas is the natural phenomenon of centoes. A cenote is a natural pit and can be filled with water  or stalactites. We have been to about 12 cenotes and there is about 6000 which they know of! And all of them are so different! To visit them was one of my many favourite things to do during the trip.

We rented a car so we could drive around the coast and also visit as much as we made during our two weeks. With the plane from Miami we first landed in Mérida, a very beautiful colonial city. We enjoyed going to the markets, watching the traditional dancing performances and looking at the stunning architecture. Further on we stopped by some cenotes and smaller places before we came to Tulum. And that was another really cool place. A bit hippie’ish, more posh and unique in the same package. And with no americanisation of it what so ever. So there was lovely eateries, bars and beaches, nature and yes, everything. You should definitely go there if you are visiting Quintana Roo.

We have also been to the famous beach of Akumal where we swam right above big turtles that goes there natural to feed on the seaweed grass. That was incredible!! I have also scuba dived for the first time in the amazing coast of the Xcaret park. I saw coral reeves and so many beautiful fish! That was also just amazing (and a bit scary)! During our trip we have seen so much unknown animals I have never seen before. And since I love animals so much I was quite intrigued a lot of the time.

Another thing that Mexico is well known for is their ruins. We have seen three major places, the ruins in Tulum, Maypan and the Chichen Itza! What crazy feeling it gave especially to be at Chichen Itza because it was built by the Mayans in year 525. Everything is so well captured and it’s so old! Just crazy and I feel so lucky to have seen it. You need to go there and get a guide. We had the most amazing one that had been working there since he was 17 and now was around 50(!). So he knew so much and spoke way better english than us so we were really lucky to have gotten him. Go there on a Sunday when it’s not too many tourists.

I find myself to be writing a lot now so I will try and sum it up! I just need to mention a couple more places and one of them is Holbox. An island that is kinda like Tulum only smaller and less people so if you are around, take the boat over there too. Also I need to mention Las Coloradas, this is a real tips! Because this place has not only an adopted little pig (that the whole city adores) but also pink water! You can only find water like this a very few places in the world and this is one of them. Amazing to see and witness, so cool and mesmerising. I mean, you have never seen pink water before, right?

Wow, we have experienced so much! As you understand by my long post I should have a lot of pictures too! So I will be posting more later. Looks like I had a lot of words anyway.

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Beach at the Tulum Ruins.
Cenote in Yucatan, Mexico.
Me in a beautiful, Grand Cenote in Tulum.
The beautiful hotel and beach in Tulum.
Cool off by the beach.
Lovely Tulum.
The beautiful beach in Tulum.
Beautiful hotel in Mérida.
Amazing cenote in Yucatan, Mexico.