Trysil Hotell. Hotel room with cosy atmosphere.
Trysil Hotell with light bulbs over the bed.
Trysil Hotell. Hotel room with cosy atmosphere. Ready for a glass of rosé wine.
Mood from Trysil.

A cosy self served hotel

This New Year’s Eve we decided to celebrate in the mountains and ski the new year in. None of us had been to Trysil before but since it is Norway’s biggest ski resort it was about time to check it out. So we drove up early on Saturday. Øyvind got up 5 in the morning to prepare everything like the angel he is. I’m not such a morning bird when I’m not going to work. So I could luckily get up as late as 5:30(!). Still very early but on our way to Trysil with the forecast of snow that had fell earlier in the week. As we came there we started to ski right away before we checked in to the hotel. And I’m very glad we did that because the conditions in the slopes was amazing! All that powder snow! We had so much fun and we even saw the sun rise when we came over the fog. I will show you pictures in the next post. Really stunning!

Trysil Hotell with leather details.
Ready for the night in this renovated hotel in Trysil.
Trysil Hotell.

Here is some pictures from the hotel we stayed in during our New Year’s weekend in Trysil. Trysil Hotell is located five minutes from the ski center with car and has a self check in! So you order online and get a code. And that’s it! Perfect so you don’t have to use a lot of time on checking in and out. And it’s so cosy there!

Amazing menu at Trysil Hotell.
Cosy open fire at Trysil Hotel.
From the seating area next to the bar in tryst Hotell.

The next day we had another perfect day in the slopes. And our skiing ended with the cutest show in the lowest hill. With hundreds of volunteers skiing downwards with torches in their hands making a waving formation. So pretty and with all the kids gathered to watch it with their families made it extra cosy. After they finished (around four) the fireworks from the ski center began. We were standing right below so we saw it perfectly. And it was so nice! I can’t wait for us to get children so they can experience that. Afterwords we relaxed in the hotel and started to get ready for the more grown celebrations.

Oysters with 14 year old vinaigrette oil. On New Years Eve in Trysil Hotel.
They brew their own craft beer in Trysil hotell.
Oyster tasting on New Year's Eve in Trysil.
One of the seven dishes from the New Year's Eve menu at Flask & Humle.

Trysil Hotell had arranged for an amazing New Year’s celebration with a ten course dinner in their restaurant Flæsk & Humle. We had oysters (and a 14 year old vinaigrette), halibut with champagne sauce, lobster terrine, cheeses with crisp bread, artichoke with citrus, corn chicken with avocado and vanilla dessert with fresh berries to mention a few. Really amazing food, actually some of the best things I ever tasted! And they had set it up so there was a gathering before and after the dinner. With prosecco and of course champagne and star-sparkles for midnight. We watched the local fireworks with the rest of the wonderful group from the event. A perfect way to end 2017. The next day we skied one last day in the slopes. This was such an amazing weekend. And I definitely want to do it again next year!

Running candles in the bar of Flask & Humle in Trysil. The best restaurant in the area.
One of the many Christmas trees in Trysil Hotell.
Photography by me.