Don’t know what to wear? What I’ve found out recently but isn’t that shocking is a brilliant way to figure out what to wear. You probably have a couple ideas on what to wear but your not really sure what fits the occasion best. Well a great tip is to set up two outfits with the items you want to wear the most and really fulfil it from top till toe, from the accessories to the purse and sunglasses. When you have styled the two outfits (on your bed for example), makes it much easier to see what came out the best. And again what you probably want to wear for that occasion. Its not mind-blowing but a really good tip to figure out what to wear. I have just started using it myself and it really fastes up the prosess of figuring it all out. So you can spare the time of trying the clothes on and styling each option on yourself (takes so much longer time).

Picture taken by Monica Pronk.

Lone Bru Kjær, wall flower by Monica Pronk.