I am slowly planning more and more for the wedding but we are still waiting on that final decision on the venue. So because of that I feel that I am holding back a bit. And I must say it is not as easy as I would think. Because I know what I like and want to do some more research on check suppliers. But the styles that I love aren’t really typical Scandi-minimalistic… It’s more glam and over the top I’m sure some would say. Like for instant these cakes in this post are exactly what I would love to have in our wedding but I haven’t found anyone yet that has done this exact style. So I really hope I will find someone soon because it needs to be perfect and probably not the first time that style is being tried out by the baker. Just look at these cakes, they are truly masterpieces of incredible art! So in love with them. If you know of anyone that has done this before I would be so thankful if you let me know. In the meantime, lets just enjoy the vision of these wonders.

Pictures borrowed from Pinterest.