Travel diary

I feel truly blessed! This year has been so amazing and the best year so far. We have worked so hard to reach our goals, so 2017 was all about travelling and treat ourselves with a culture boost! And it has been so incredible. We have seen Mayan ruins in Mexico, the colourful city of Burano, experienced the mountains in Lofoten and seen the many spectres of Cuba. Besides from that we have done and seen so much diversity of the world. Below is a few pictures from our trips.


This garden is everything!
Us in Château de Versailles.
Ready for dinner in Paris
Us in Château de Versailles.

Highlights: We traveled with some friends that invited us to go with them to Paris. We had such a nice time hanging out with them, eating good food and sightseeing. Another big highlight for me was to visit Chateau de Versailles. A place I have been wanting to see since I saw it online. So amazing to be there with our friends. And to ride tandem bikes in the incredible garden at the end of the day with crepes to dessert was really fun (read more here).


Lofoten hiking
Mannen in Lofoten
Amazing Lofted view
Midnight sun in Lofoten

Highlights: Spectacular nature! So many breathtaking moments during this trip. All the mountain hikes and being so active was amazing. You really feel alive when you experience so wild nature as you do in Loften. I also had a really romantic time with my fiancé at the beach with the midnight sun writing our letters in the sand. We stayed in Reine at the same time as my grandparents. So that was a major highlight for me! She has lived there until she was a teenager so it was very special to be there with them. I will post more images from this trip but here is a short one with the turquoise water I was so fascinated with.


Cannes film festival view
Film festival in Cannes
Antibes beauty beach
Cannes film festival view

Highlights: Beautiful landscape, warm weather and good shopping. And of course good food! I had such a nice time partying  at the many events in Cannes. One of these events was the vernigssage: Norwegian Hallucinations of Manneraak/Svein Bringsdal, an amazing painter from Norway. You can see a few posts from the French Rivera here.


Amazing Venice
Venezia romance
North Italy
Ice cream in Venice

Highlights: Visiting so many places during our trip (Bergamo, Borghetto, Burano, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Milano, Valeggio, Venezia, Verona etc). Fell in love with North Italy with the stunning nature, friendly people and good food. Also the biggest highlight was when Øyvind proposed to me in Venice in the most romantic way (read here)! <3


Magical Mexicoa. Rio Lagartos.
Cenote in Mexico
Us in Mexico
Cenote in Mexico

Highlights: Mexico is most exciting country I have visited! We saw so many cool animals, incredible cenotes and ruins that makes you just amazed by the whole thing. We rented a car and saw pink water, white beaches and so much diversity in the nature. Friendly people and so good food! Read more here and here.


Streets of Cuba
Streets of Cuba
Cuba by night.
Cuba beach

Highlights: Visiting Cuba was very special to me not only because of the interesting culture and beautiful nature. But we traveled with my father. That made the experience really special! The people in Cuba are so friendly and we had so much fun visiting different parts of the country. I really need to post more images from this trip too, but here are a few ones.


Miami in my heart.
Sunset in Miami.
Met this fella in Miami
Miami girl.

Highlights: I really love Miami and we have visited this place a few time this year on our way to Mexico and Cuba. I loved the creative design area with the cool street art and galleries. And Miami beach is so beautiful with the beach, luxuries hotels and good food. We celebrated New Year’s Eve in Miami beach so that was a big highlight that started this year of travel. We did also visit the Mangrove and saw wild alligators with my father. That was so much fun! A few pictures here!

So thank you 2017 and a big thank you to my fiancé that are so incredible to travel with. I love you with all of my heart and can’t wait to experience more adventures with you in 2018.

Photography by: me.